To Current Patients of Beverly Hills Pediatrics

Pediatric After Hours ClinicAs your pediatricians (pediatric after hours clinic), we are always striving to provide you with the best medical care, and we are always looking for ways to improve the services we provide to your family.

We understand that as a parent it is difficult to see your child sick or hurt on a weekend and have to wait until Monday when the office reopens.

Thankfully, most illnesses and injuries do not require the attention of busy and costly emergency departments and many urgent care facilities do not have a dedicated pediatric department. As a result, Beverly Hills Pediatrics After Hours was born.

Beverly Hills Pediatrics After Hours clinic will continue the level of excellence that you have become accustomed to from Beverly Hills Pediatrics but with the advantage of being available to you on the weekends.

Our urgent care pediatricians will have access to BHP electronic records and will be familiar with your child’s medical history when making decisions for the after hours visit.

We also want to make pediatric after hours clinic care available to everyone in our community. So feel free to tell your friends and spread the word!

After Hours Clinic Costs

Think of Beverly Hills Pediatrics After Hours clinic as an extension of Beverly Hills Pediatrics. Your annual family fee will cover an unlimited number of visits to our after hours facility and your insurance will be billed per usual.

In other words, the urgent care visit (after hours clinic) will cost a similar amount as an equivalent visit during the normal office hours.

Please note, co-pays for after hour and urgent care facilities may be higher per your insurance plan so it is always a good idea to check your coverage.

We look forward to providing you extended care.