Pediatric Urgent Care When You Need us!

Welcome to Beverly Hills Pediatrics After Hours, we are a pediatric urgent care facility run solely by pediatricians to meet the needs of your child.

As pediatricians and parents we know that on the weekends there are not many options when your child is hurt or sick. We are here to offer an alternative to crowded and expensive emergency rooms and adult focused urgent cares by offering diagnosis and treatment in a child friendly environment by a pediatrician. Why wait 2 days with a child who has fever and sore throat when they can have the diagnosis of strep throat made in minutes and feel better by the end of the weekend?

Beverly Hills Pediatrics After Hours has been created by the pediatricians of Beverly Hills Pediatrics but is open to all children in the community. Beverly Hills Pediatrics After Hours offers a friendly environment specifically designed for children and your pediatric urgent care needs. You will not have to wait for hours to be seen or charged exorbitant rates, and most importantly, your child will be seen by a pediatrician!

Advantages of Beverly Hills Pediatrics After Hours

  • Your child will be seen only by a pediatrician
  • By appointment only to avoid overcrowding
  • Shorter wait times then most emergency departments and other urgent care facilities
  • On site laboratory (results in minutes)
  • Open on weekends
  • Affordable
  • Continuity of care (all records from your visit will be faxed to your primary care physician promptly)
  • Easy, convenient parking- valet available
  • Decreased number of missed school and work days
  • Pediatric Urgent Care specifically for children

We are not a replacement for your pediatrician but merely helping to get you safely through the “after hours”.

Please download and fill out the following Beverly Hills Pediatrics After Hours new patient packet so that we have all of your child’s information prior to their first visit. Beverly Hills Pediatrics After Hours Pediatric Urgent Care will communicate with your pediatrician or primary care physician using this important information.

Providing the best pediatric urgent care services Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and surrounding communities is what we do. Open to all children! Please visit our main site Beverly Hills Pediatrics for information about appointments during regular business hours.